Arıkanlı Holding

The origin of Arıkanlı Holding dates back to 1972, the year in which MEF Courses Inc. has been established. Arıkanlı Holding which has specialized by means of its investments in the fields of Education, Transportation, Media – Publishing, Tourism – Health, Industry & Construction and Telecommunication - Energy over the thirty years is now firmly positioned in the centre of a chain of investments comprising of 22 companies.

Arıkanlı Holding laid its initial foundation in 1996 by converging 11 companies under a single roof for the purpose of performing 'Strategy Designation, Control, Co-ordination, Development and Orientation' studies. On 11 February 1998 Arıkanlı Holding was registered and started its activities.

All the companies affiliated to Arıkanlı Holding are known for their firsts in their fields. Each such affiliates is recognized for its both nationwide and abroad achievements and contemporary innovations, including such pioneers as MEF Educational Institutions and Yurtiçi Cargo, both of which have considerably broadened Turkey's horizon in their respective fields namely education and transportation.

The principles that have elevated Arıkanlı Holding to its present position have never been compromised since its inception. The strategic management understanding of the Holding arises from the premise that the precondition to secure economic and social advancement is achievable solely through solid commitment to the principles of international free competition within the scope of a democratic order stipulated by the law. The notions that guide this framework are, first and foremost, adhering to laws and conducting business ethically, instituting a work organization based on productivity and profitability, building a structure up to the requirements of modern management, continuing growth with new companies and expanding internationally.

MEF Schools established as a model very open to innovations constitute the important rings of quality education in Turkey by means of their nursery school, primary schools, high schools and international schools providing service for the children of the foreign national families. MEF International School - Izmir commencing educational activities have joined such educational chain lastly. This way it contributes to the cultural richness of İzmir and its environs.

Arıkanlı Holding progresses towards the objective to compete in global markets by acting as the leader of the strong organization, in the center of which it stands. The pain taken over the coordination between the companies on administrative, fiscal, social and technical matters, the improvement of the existing working arrangement thereof, increasing their productivity as well as collaboration among the companies plays an important role as to fact that Holding is valued and felt as one large family by its 11,000 employees approximately.

All companies under the roof of Arıkanlı Holding are known for the firsts of which they have realized in their fields.

Arıkanlı Holding’s Vision :

Arıkanlı Holding and its affiliates aim to extend activity area in Turkey and foreign countries by establishing new companies, forming new partnerships in order to produce quality goods and services, creating job opportunities for many people.

Arıkanlı Holding and it's companies' principle is based on being a “”role model”” and a “leader”.

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