Corporate Social Responsibilities

An Arıkanlı Group Company, Yurtiçi Kargo was founded in 1982 as the first Turkish express delivery firm. Throughout its long history, Yurtiçi Kargo has always acted as a responsible and caring entity that takes into consideration of the benefits of the society in every operation.

Achieving to be a role model company in Turkey is one of the most crucial components of Yurtiçi Kargo’s mission. In addition to delivering high-quality customer service, Yurtiçi Kargo is committed to addressing the needs and problems of the society.

Yurtiçi Kargo supports various charitable organizations which find solutions for social problems and needs. Having a service network all around Turkey, Yurtiçi Kargo contributes to charitable organizations by providing more reliable and quick distribution channel which is important for informing, instructing and supporting families-in-need.

Yurtiçi Kargo conducts its corporate social responsibility practices by generating collective projects with the following foundations and associations:

Corporate Social Responsibility Projects