Our Corporate Culture

We believe in Yurtiçi Kargo that the human component is the most vital one. Conscious working, honesty, patience, consistency, high quality, improvement and development, unconditional love, helping and encouraging are the leading principles that the culture we form at Yurtiçi Kargo relies on. Our Human Resources Policy is built on owning our indispensable values that we possess together with our culture. In the core of these values lie being customer and quality oriented, participatory, leadership, respect to human and awareness of social responsibility. It is the first precondition of the success that the teams chasing after a certain target should have common values and all members of these teams should adopt these values with their behaviors and decisions. And our strategy is to look after our values that make us who we are and which provide enlargement to Yurtiçi Kargo and together with this, to include new targets, behavior and systems which emerge with changing global and country conditions into our corporate culture.

One of the vital tools of our participatory, performance and development oriented institutional culture is the “Suggestion Development System” which came into force in October 2001/ This application is the reflection of our sharing mission encouraging thoughts from any level and improving personal responsibility within the organization of Yurtiçi Kargo Servisi A.Ş.. All employees individually provide suggestion to Suggestion Development System regardless of his/her title/function. The owners of the suggestions which are implemented are awarded with a ceremony by the end of each month by the Suggestion Committee.

Our internal communication journal “Paylaşım” which started its publishing life in 2002 is also among our common point of meeting which addresses all Yurtiçi Kargo employees.

All Staff of Yurtiçi Kargo

  • Try to ensure the customer satisfaction and loyalty under all conditions.
  • Are reliable and honest.
  • Are respectful and sensitive to the community and to the environment.
  • Possess the awareness of quality.
  • Are aware of their responsibilities.
  • Are result-oriented.
  • Are creative and participatory.
  • Bring suggestions and produce solutions.
  • Carry all these characteristics to any field in their lives.

Our Human Resources Management

To utilize in the most efficient way our most valuable resource, which is the human power, to define periods which would make our employees happy and improve productivity and to provide continuous support to all other functions as a strategic business partner and thus contribute in reaching company targets.