Our Training Policy

It is our biggest aim to achieve the best “as we promised” by differentiating from our competitors with our training investments which would contribute on-the-job performance and career development of our employees.

Training at Yurtiçi Kargo Servisi A.Ş.

1. Initial Training Programs

  • Orientation
  • Internship

Our newly recruited employees are trained on the history, organization, work processes, Human Resources Policy and Quality Policy of Yurtiçi Kargo at our Training Branches/Company Contractors. Branch Staff is additionally provided with skill training programs directed towards improving service quality and including operational, customer services along with these trainings.

2. Career Development Training Programs

  • In the organization
  • Out of the organization

Company strategies and performance assessment results are the programs formulated to provide competencies of the employees in line with their career plans. In addition to receive support from relevant sections and training agencies in terms of functionality, our employees are also directed with the seminars organized out of the company.

Our Training Methods

In our ınitial and Career Development Training Programs that we offer in order to develop competencies of Yurtiçi Cargo employees, the programs are aimed to be kept alive and permanent by class training, on-the-job training, simulation, role playing and case studies.