Personal Development and Career

Our aim with “Career Planning” at Yurtici Kargo Servsi A.Ş. is to provide definition and planning of manpower to be required in future according to our corporate strategy and to meet both our organization targets and the targets of our employees, by directing the existing employees within the frame of this plan. To determine the potentials by analyzing the current work force and to assist people to shape their careers in line with their personal capabilities are among the leading targets of our career architecture.

Career architecture has two dimensions in terms of the corporate and persons. In Yurtiçi Kargo it is planned through overlapping the expectations of Yurtici Kargo from its employees with the personal expectations of the employees, thus providing motivation, productivity and loyalty to the corporate.

Personal Development (Performance) Assessments, implemented periodically in every six months, demonstrate the aspects of our employees available for development. Personal Development Assessments are conducted as an open interview with all employees in our company. During the interview, the employees are first evaluated in terms of their basic and administrative competencies regarding Yurtici Kargo’s basic and management capabilities, and then their competencies regarding their particular tasks. Performance Assessment results provide essential data for Career Planning, Training and Wage Management Systems.

Our Career Architecture Principles

  • Are performed in the same line with company strategies, future plans and future oriented needs in parallel to career plans of the employees.
  • This planning is directed towards meeting personal and organizational needs.
  • Assessments are not directed towards persons but towards tasks.
  • Careers of the employees shape in line with their performances.
  • Inter-position transfers are performed within the frame of our company’s Human Resources Procedure. Personal inventory is applied for different task position transfers.
  • Human Resources Department provide consultancy for company employees on their careers during the year and ensure efficient implementation of the projects.

Our Evaluation / Development System

Psychometric tests are also important tools in career and personal development/training systems during Yurtici Kargo’s recruitment period. The basic purpose for applying psychometric tests is to evaluate the critical personal characteristics of the candidates applying for a position based on the competencies in the position determining the performance and to conduct a comparison between the candidates based on standard criteria.

In our company, psychometric tests used as an objective data to support the decisions to be taken in recruitment, career and training activities provide double sided development opportunity for both the company and the employees.