Paro Users Win

A "Paro" is a blue star that gives you extras. Paro member businesses have blue stars on their doors to indicate that they offer the chance to win extra Paropoints. They even have extra campaigns and discounts. And you will win Para extras whether you pay with cash or use your charge card. The Paropoints you win with extras can be spent at Paro member businesses. Don't forget to use your Paro Card so you don't miss out on the chance to win extras when you shop!

The Yurtiçi Kargo Paro Card allows you to participate in the Yurtiçi Kargo membership program that lets you win points, discounts and gifts when you create a shipment. You may also spend your Paro points at any of the affiliate companies.

You gain Paro advantages, regardless of how you pay. Whether you pay in cash or you pay by credit card, you collect or redeem your points or utilize discount advantages, as long as you use your Paro enabled card before you pay.

Paro Member Businesses are located all throughout Turkey! You can benefit from extra Paropoints, campaigns and discounts with your Parocard wherever you see a door with a blue star indicating that the workplace is a Paro Membership Business.

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