International Services

International Shipments are delivered to more than 220 countries in the world by fast, reliable and affordable prices.

We as Yurtiçi Kargo deliver the documents and packet shipments to the addresses by serving tailored solutions.

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  • Arranging Proforma and commercial invoices accurately
  • Filling out the Proforma information accurately for all person and company shipments except document (sender must be sure for the stamp of the company on the invoices.)
  • Filling out the contact and delivery information such as receiver’s address information, telephone numbers and zip code accurately.
  • Being declared value of the shipment and content information accurately in written form.
  • International shipments while passing through the country borders in/out are controlled by customs and verified by the customs laws while entering to the country.
  • Shipment value (proforma cost) is paid or not ın accordance with the purpose and content of the shipment.
  • The agent gives the necessary information about the legislation to the receiver when the shipment is held by the customs of the country of the destination entry.
  • According to the procedures of the destination country, customs duties are paid by sender or receiver.
  • The shipments which are completed customs clearance are delivered to the receiver’s address within the scope of door-to –door.
  • The content value of the shipments (proforma value) should be determined by the sender. The important thing is, the proforma should be arranged to reflect the fact.
  • The new Customs Law come into force on August 20,2011.To review the law, please click here.

International shipments entering and leaving the country are carried out by customs checks meticulously, the contents of being sent a shipment, such as the qualifications of the value of the shipment and the number-unit should be specified on the proforma invoice accurately to speed up customs procedures and have a safe transport. The shipments not fully specified the content and features and identified differences between the declared material shipments are both inspected and held by customs. This situation causes delays and leads to trouble about delivery.

You need to specify the following information on the proforma invoice.

1 - Invoice date
2 - Type of goods and services
3 - Seller and the recipient's name or title
4 - The receiver and the sender's address
5 - The origin of goods
6 - The unit price of the goods or services, quantity, amount,
7 - Goods weight, size, quantity,
8 - Signature of the Issuer.

For an example of Proforma Invoice please click.

  • Food supplies by the Public Health Institute "Food Certificate"
  • Plants and plant products by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs "Phytosanitary Certificate"
  • Antiques and ancient monuments by Museums Directorate of antiquities "Appraisal Report"
  • Being sent the purpose of repairing of electronic goods to come out of the country by the religion of Industry and commerce room temporarily "Appraisal Report "
  • European countries "ATR" certificate (if required) or "EUR1" certificate (if required)
  • Exports to non-European countries, a "Certificate of Origin"
  • While creating an international can get detailed information about the status of your shipment portability from branches and agents.

To reach your international shipments to the receiver;

  • You could deliver your shipment among nearly 800 Yurtiçi Kargo branches whichever is closest to you.
  • You could use services at
  • You could say that I have an international shipment calling to Call Center (444 99 99).

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