Compensation Procedure

Following the procedures which come from the customers of compensation demand are applied.


The customer has to apply in writing either departure/arrival branch or the relating regional directorate of the branch.

a) Information to be included in the petition:

  • The applicant's name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address
  • The consignor and consignee’s name relating to compensation issue.
  • (If applicable) Date of Pick-up Form
  • Shipping invoice information (Tracking number/ Shipping invoice number and date)
  • The detailed explanation of shipment’s content, how the damage is occurred.
  • The requested amount of compensation
  • The bank account information of the applicant (IBAN number)

b) Documents to be attached to the petition:

  • (If applicable) Pick-up Form Photocopy
  • Shipping invoice photocopy
  • If the damage occurs, the applicant has to submit the goods legal document (invoice,etc.) in the shipment or ıf document is not found, similar bills, delivery note in the commercial shipments
  • As late delivery, supporting documents need to be submitted for the consequential damages claims.


1. Stage: By the time the application petition is brought to Regional directorate of the branch, the registration is opened for pre-inspection. According to the result of pre-inspection, If there is any absence of petition or attached files , the customer is required to eliminate the deficiencies within a reasonable time . The Regional Office may be required additional information and documents not specified above.

It is passed to the 2nd stage if the customers submit missing information and documents. If the customers cannot prepare inadequate documents in the reasonable period, the application is rejected not to be passed to the 2nd stage.

2.Stage: If the application is submitted due to damage , the survey process is started in all Branch and transfer centers. Due to damage/late ,the comments and reports are requested by the process of the shipment between departure and arrival branch.


After the process of the survey and comments are completed, the positive or negative comments share with Headquarter.(If the compensation document is under 500 TL, the regional directorate pay into the customer account.)

If the documents are submitted precisely, it does not mean that compensation demand is accepted.

a) The acceptance of a compensation claim:

If the compensation claim is accepted, individual customers have to sign the notice and expense compass and sign compensation invoice in the name of Yurtiçi Kargo Servisi A.Ş.

The copies of the notice and expense compass send to the related branch to the customer to be signed.

b) The rejection of the compensation claim:

In case of rejection of the claim for compensation, the customers are informed about the result of the application.

If the customer objects to the result of compensation claim, the customer has to submit the exception petition to branch. The exception petition is applied the same process again.​​